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With my ongoing drive to reinvent myself with a purpose, I have been reading oodles of information about finding your true passion, doing what you love, and blending your life and work.

I do believe that serendipity is a strong ally; as proof, this week my husband and I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta premier of a new documentary film which tries to explain why motorcyclists are so passionate about their sport. This was the first showing in Atlanta, and it sold out quickly.

It’s called “Why We Ride” and you can find more information about the film and upcoming screenings around the US here:

This film captivated me from the very first frame. I laughed, I cried, I was glued to the screen for the full 90 minutes, and then didn’t want it to end! It was the absolute best example I have seen to date of capturing the passion we riders feel for motorcycling, as well as, the connection we feel with our machines. For some reason, explaining this obsession is difficult when non-riders are involved. Maybe it’s because they are too busy telling us about how their neighbor, friend or colleague was killed or maimed in a motorcycle accident.

Note to Non-Riders: We know there is an inherent risk in motorcycling. We love it enough to accept the risk, and we manage that risk to the best of our ability with training, appropriate safety gear and focus. Please DON’T regale us with your tales of mayhem. Really, do you think your story will make us stop??

Anyway, back to the film. From old time board track or Daytona sand track racers and their riding offspring, to casual cruiser riders, to land-speed record holders, to entire families totally immersed in motocross or hill climbing, to current Superbike racers, to round the world travelers, this film showcases them all. The influence of female riders, their accomplishments, and growing numbers were definite highlights to this woman rider, for sure, but I was also brought to tears by the love of riding expressed by a ten year old motocross rider.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. The beauty and freedom is in the ride, whether near or far.


The film was the catalyst that made me realize that my true passion is obvious. I want, no I NEED, my life to be for and about motorcycles. Exploring and adventuring on motorcycles, talking about motorcycles, writing about motorcycles.

There, I posted it on the internet, it must be so.

If you are interested in buying or renting the film ‘Why We Ride’, go here: iTunes: …

25 thoughts on “Follow your passion – Why We Ride

    • Lesley, that is high praise coming from one of my blogging inspirations!

      Thank you for being so encouraging and supportive of us newbies! I am working on my 2014 bucket list, by the way, but it will remain an abbreviated version for the next couple of years while I build my plan to escape the corporate world. 🙂


  1. From a non ride & old friend, that’s cool, and well said. Love it! glad you are out of the closet blogger. I will follow you, and maybe even on a motor cycle someday.


    • Thank you, Shelley! hopefully, in a couple of years we will be traveling with motorcycles and writing about it full time! The last pic was taken on the Needles Highway in the Black Hills of South Dakota, not too far from Mount Rushmore.


  2. Curvy, it’s all about timing, right. I “used to ride” but stopped, for a bunch of reasons without losing the desire. My teenage are now financing their own weaponary after a decade of upgrades. All 3 love riding too. Through a series of life altering events I recently chose to embrace my long lost passion and look for something to get me back on the road. Yesterday I found it. Today’s mission is to make it happen. And THEN I read this…coincidence? I think not. Write on, I say, ride on! Respect REDdog


  3. REDdog, you are so right! It’s all about timing, and I firmly believe there are NO coincidences.Here is why…I found your blog YESTERDAY through Awesome Aussa, and read everything I could in the time I had. Loved it! Especially the wedding entourage, I swear I could see it in my mind!!! 😀

    Sadly, my hub and i got married BEFORE we started riding, so we missed out on that spectacle-in-the-making! That was 16 years ago, and we haven’t looked back, couldn’t live without it now.

    Make it happen, you will not regret it for a second! Please stop back and update on your new machine…oh wait, you have a blog, I am sure I will find out there! And I am honored that you were moved to stop by, comment and follow. Respect backatcha…Lynne


  4. Well hi there, lovey lady. I had to come check you out after you left such lovely blog love in my comments. And I’m SO glad I did. First, I must say I adore your blog name. When I started I’d never even read a blog before – didn’t know the whole *catchy blog name* rule or I would have picked a better one! Now I have name envy all the time!

    Your *new* blog is amazeballs! You speak honestly and with humor: my two favorite combos! The way you wrote about motorcycling made me want to ride! I’m not even joking. You belong in the blogosphere, my friend. Keep it up!

    *sidenote: we travel to Eureka Springs, Arkansas every year for a triathlon my husband does, and (as I’m sure you’re aware) it’s FULL of motorcyclists, which is one of the coolest things about the area! Really gives the town character. And everyone is so friendly; you can tell they are all just so damn happy to be riding in such a gorgeous place.


  5. Beth, I am blushing! Seriously, I love your style and humor, and this means so much to me to hear your wonderful comments! My blog name was easy, it is a frequent term for riders who enjoy the twisty mountain roads. Then the brain matter just came rushing out. It is so incredibly cathartic, and I haven’t really even gotten into any heavy stuff. (Nervous Ha Ha…)

    Well, if you ever decide to ride, let’s talk! I’d love nothing more than helping to get another woman on the road on a motorcycle!

    Re: Eureka Springs, you are spot on! We wandered through there on the way home from the Black Hills a few years ago and it is Gorgeous and the riding is fabulous! The people are so friendly, as a matter of fact we were taking a break at a real country store and asked some people where we might buy some festive libations (our hotel was in Bentonville = dry. Gah!) We ended up invited to a horseshoes and moonshine party…sadly, in those days we were on a schedule and had to leave at the crack of early the next day, so we did not take them up on the generous invite. Now, I’d be all over that shit!

    Anyway, I look forward to mutual cracking up over whatever! 😀


  6. L,

    Love your new blog. I really appreciate the note to the risk-adverse public. I wish they would get out of in front of the television and Do Something ))

    Merry Christmas!



  7. Dang it. Lost the internet. Am rewriting my comment. Love that you have such a passion. I tend to love whatever I do most recently. Where were you with the bike between the rocks? I wish you had called your blog “Motorcycle Mama” then I could hum the tune every time I opened a new post. 🙂


    • It is truly a passion that I need more time for! I do envy all your interests, however. Plus all the stuff you carry to be prepared for the next fun thing…

      You can still hum that tune every time you open a new post, I would be honored. 🙂

      Heehee no problem, that just means you are having a good time, and multiple comments on a post is AWESOME!!!

      Definitely go to South Dakota…the Black Hills are spectacular, plus there are the Badlands, and Devil’s Tower in nearby Wyoming…


      • The first picture in this post has the Badlands in the distance…we were approaching from the South. It is something to be seen, like a moonscape…


  8. Love this post about identifying your passion!
    (Found it through one of the posts wp suggested I read in a “Curvyroads like your post. Check out what she’s written…” email.

    Love hearing about how people discover that they love something, and how they got there in the midst of their regular lives. Great story!


    • Thanks, Guap! Funny, i wrote this back in December, and the “Why We Ride” movie people picked it up and published it on their FB page on February 27th, so it got exposure to 1000s more people. Kinda cool! 😀


  9. […] A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,200 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people. Readers came from 91 countries, and the most traffic came on February 27th, when the motorcycle movie and media phenomenon, Why We Ride, published a link to my post from December, 2013 on their Facebook page. The topic was, most appropriate, Follow your passion – Why We Ride. […]


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