21 thoughts on “Change…the only constant

  1. Welcome back, Lynne! I’ve missed your words.
    The new blog theme/logo looks awesome! Nicely done.
    I’m so very sorry to hear about your mom, but it sounds like things are coming together as best they can, logistically, which is a blessing. I hope she adjusts beautifully to her new surroundings and that your October plans go off without a hitch.

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    • Thank you so much, Nancy! I have missed your words as well, and hope to get back to reading (and writing more frequently) as things calm down here.

      Yes, I do believe that things are as good as can be for Mom, and that I can focus on enjoying the here and now, as well as, looking forward to October. 🙂

      Yoga, although much less frequent, has helped keep me sane.


    • Thanks, Guap! So glad to see you and some of your words. 🙂

      All in all, though we have had our struggles, we are exceedingly lucky, and understanding that is part of my journey. I am getting there…

      I am riding tomorrow to visit my hubby at the BMW dealership where he now works (how dangerous is THAT to our bank acct?) So I will be on two wheels again and all will be right with the world. 🙂 Please do keep me up to date on your two-wheeled journey…so to speak.


  2. You’re a total blessing as a daughter. Such times are never easy and always bring the kind of stress wed’ do anything to avoid. Good on you for stepping up. Glad it’s worked out for your Mum. He’s a top bloke, you’re hubby, and you guys will make that trip happen. Which reminds me, I’ve canned coming over to Sturgis next year with my mate (long story) but replaced it with doing Route 66 with my Queen in 2016…never know, might be able to catch up?

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    • Oh RD, thanks for visiting and the kind comments.

      I totally understand the change in plans and I think you may enjoy Route 66 with your Queen MUCH more than the insanity that is Sturgis.

      You let me know where and when and we will catch up! I would love to meet you and meeting your Queen too would make it even better, and then have you both meet my love. He is a keeper, for sure. ❤

      We are lucky, you know?


  3. HUGS and PRAYERS for you and your mom (hubby too). Its never easy but when things fall into place it makes it less awful because it seems like it was meant to be. I love your new logo and look. Can’t wait for RTR!!!

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    • Lynn, you hit it right on the head. I so believe that the universe has messages for us, both positive and negative and this one was positive all the way.

      Thanks for the visit, and the thumbs up on the look/logo. I am very pleased with it as well. 🙂

      RTR maybe next year, but riding fun in October will be shared for sure.


  4. Thank you Lynne for your kind words!

    I’m sorry also to hear about your mother. Dementia is a heartbreaking disease, not just for those who suffer it, but perhaps more so their families and carers. At the hospital where I work, I am part of the team which organises health seminars for the public – these are hosted voluntarily by clinicians. We held two sessions focusing on dementia last year with presentations by a consultant physician and a consultant in palliative care, as well a guest speaker from our borough’s memory service. Both sessions were full to capacity which highlights just how much this cruel disease is in the thoughts of our local service users.

    I hope that you and your mum continue to receive the support that you need during such a difficult period in your lives.

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    • Thanks so much, George. It is staggering how pervasive dementia is once you have exposure to it.

      We are lucky to have facilities fairly close by with support groups and such to help.


  5. I tried to send you an e-mail, but no luck. With John’s permission, I’m publicly sending you this.
    I read your latest post with a heavy heart. Alzheimers is an awful shitty disease that has struck John’s mom. Luckily for Edna, she is in an amazing home, looked after people who genuinely care for her 24/7. Sounds like your mom is in a similar home. Take heart, those rockies will always be there for you. :).

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    • Thank you, Shelley. It is a terrifying disease that is so much more prevalent than you think until you are impacted and then you realize it is everywhere.

      My heart goes out to you and John. I am happy that his mom has found loving care as well. It is amazing what a difference the move has made in my stress level.

      And you are right, the Rockies will always be there, but mom won’t.


  6. […] Mom.  You can read the latest on Mom’s situation and our family’s struggle with her dementia here. I don’t regret these Saturdays, not at all. I just felt like I might be losing a part of me in […]


  7. So sorry to hear of your struggle with this dreadful disease. As hard as it must have been for you it sounds like your mother is in the best possible surroundings. On a brighter note, I love the new look! Looking forward to reading about your October adventure! 🙂

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  8. Wendy, I do feel as if this new place has made both of us calmer and happier. It is all we can ask for at this point.

    Thank you for the kind words on the new look and I can’t wait to share our October trip!


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