Voices of Motorcycle Bloggers

Looking south on NC 80

I recently became a follower of a motorcycle blogger with the fabulous name of Fuzzygalore, who writes about riding, motorcycles, and fun things to look for out on the road during motorcycle travels, and uses the tagline “Girlie Motorcycle Blog”. How could anyone resist? Incidentally, I discovered Fuzzy through her comments on Leslie’s Motorcycle Adventures blog, Advgrrl. Leslie posts videos all the time, so we know what she looks and sounds like!  Why shouldn’t the rest of us join her?

Anyway, Fuzzy recently posted about hearing a blogger speak in a video, and how it compared to the picture she had in her head of that blogger.  That initiated a challenge to motorcycle bloggers to post a short video so that others can hear us, as well as, see us. You can read her post, and link up to other blogs as they post their videos, here: Voices

I figured, why not? I am soon going to be traveling more and blogging more, what’s better than getting know more motorcycle bloggers?

So, without further ado, or production planning, for that matter, here goes nothing!


Will you join the challenge? Not a motorcycle blogger? Why not start a trend amongst all bloggers? Let’s let the world know what you look AND sound like!

18 thoughts on “Voices of Motorcycle Bloggers

    • Thanks, Kathy, and yes definitely you have to do a video!

      No, I am not a southern girl, I am actually an Army brat, born overseas and lived all over until 20 years ago when I moved to Georgia. Sometimes I sound southern, to me, anyway! 😀


      • Kelly, welcome! yes, I am soooo interested in reading your blog, we are still up in the air about whether we just travel all over by motorcycle and rent places to stay in an area for a while, or make the big investment and buy an RV and tow the bikes. I have learned so much from RV bloggers already, but none of them ride motorcycles too, so yours is perfect! 🙂


  1. This was great, Lynne! 😀

    My northeastern ears can definitely hear a slight southern twang to some of your words. I love that now when I read your posts your actual voice will be present in my mind. Thank you for taking part in this.

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures as you retire!

    Stay warm 🙂

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    • Rachael, thank you for starting this…I have some great new (to me) blogs to follow and have gotten to know the bloggers a little bit, with a face and a voice to go with the stories. 🙂 I love that!

      Your video was wonderful, fun and with music too, impressive. I detect a tiny New Yawk accent, but feel the same way as you, “I don’t have an accent”. Ha

      I look forward to sharing, and reading, lots more motorcycle blogs going forward! And yes, contrary to popular belief, this winter will end, eventually. 😉

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  2. It’s fun putting faces to names and now voices to faces and names. Love it. BTW I hate how I sound on recordings so…. I’ll just listen to everyone else. LOL.

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    • Oh Lynn, I know…I don’t like hearing myself either, but hey, what have I got to lose now, right? 😉 You have put yourself out there in cross fit, why not put yourself out there on video??? Challenge? Heehee…


    • Thanks, Nancy, from the only blogging friend I have actually met in person, I hope that retirement brings a lot of virtual friends into the IRL friends category.

      And I hope to see you again this week, right????


    • Thanks Shelley, although I hate to hear your internet is soooo slow. 😦

      Since you are famous, I bet you could get the rest of the blogosphere to participate in a “Voices of blogging” challenge!


  3. So fun to hear you!! What a lovely video. You just sound American to me! 😀

    Given what I do to myself on a normal bike I should definitely stay away from motorcycles but I could try to start the trend amongst random bloggers!!

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