Is there life after snow?

I ask this question tongue in cheek, since we are in the North Georgia mountains, and we only received an inch or two during Snowpocalpse 2016, this past Friday night. It really wasn’t much trouble on the roads around us, but at the higher elevations, the roads could have been icy.

But it was still beautiful!



And it was a great excuse to stay in, binge on Breaking Bad (yes, I realize we are several years behind the rest of the world), and have a fire in the pellet stove 24×7.

Yesterday, we visited my mom, and then ventured out into the western countryside in the car, a reconnaissance mission to check out the fun riding roads, equipped with all-wheel drive. We found some wet, slushy stuff at around 3000 feet, but otherwise, things were pretty clear.

Today, we broke out the big guns! ย 20160125_143147

The steeds seemed just as excited to shake off the winter cobwebs as we were! We started out mellow by taking Hwy 52 west to Ellijay, then heading Northeast through Blue Ridge, and meandering along Old Hwy 76 to Blairsville. We jogged off onto Owltown Road south, then headed for the mack-daddy of mountain roads, US Hwy 129 south back toward Dahlonega. We were pleased to only find slush in the perpetually shady areas on the twisty bits we covered, and 129 was especially fun, given it was mostly clear, with hardly a trace of cinders left to dodge.


Lest we forget that winter is still lurking in these mountains, we captured this dramatic shot of ice draping the normally exposed rock walls along 129 about a mile south of Blood Mountain cabins.

The clear, fresh, cold air might have been just the thing to dislodge the cobwebs, and perhaps, the writer’s block as well????

18 thoughts on “Is there life after snow?

  1. Stay safe out there at this time of year! You never know when some freezing rain or snow *could* sprout up, and I am terrified you’ll be caught out there on your bike!

    I’m headed to ATL at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow. There until Friday evening – but boss-man is in town, too, so I may not get any free nights. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  2. Hey, who are you, and what are you doing in my blog feed?! Wait… Wait a minute… Is it–could it really be?… Lynne, is that you? ๐Ÿ˜€

    So, do y’all often get snow in your neck of the woods, or is this unheard of? It’s awesome that you were able to break out the “big guns”, and the roadside ice-drapes you captured are just too cool (pun not intended, really).

    Be safe out there, Lynne. It was nice to hear, er, read from you.

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    • Hey Ry…I KNOW, it’s been so long!! We do get snow, or worse yet, ice, a couple times each winter. It’s usually gone in a day or so, but last year we had a 4 day stint of ice that took down tons of trees and power lines. Not fun. This was much better, light snow that was fluffy and pretty. And the ice wall went on and on, so cool!! Thanks for popping by…loved the Space Adventures card!!!

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    • Hehe, Lynn, I know you don’t want to be anywhere but Florida when it is doing this winter “stuff”. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are only riding when it’s safe…I promise! Thx for visiting too!


  3. I’m glad you got out to ride! Things are still a mess in these parts. We’ve had lots of melting, but that makes for wet, and dirty, roads. My car is a dirty mess after yesterday’s road trip. I almost decided to get it washed while I was in Maryland, where they had much less snow. But I am glad I didn’t. The trip home would’ve just made it filthy again.

    I won’t give you a hard time for your intermittent posting like some people did. But I’m glad to see you back.

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    • Thanks, Kathy! We have ridden twice since the snow, and this weekend was gorgeous. Thanks for not giving me a hard time…it is hard to imagine that I am constantly busy, retired and all, but I will get here as much as I can!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thx for the visit and comment!


    • Thank you for the visit and comment, Dymoon! I love winter too, but we never get heavy snow here, which is ok with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Working hard to finish part 3 of my series, but the sun is out and the temps are going to reach high 50s today, so I am not sure how successful I will be!

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