Tres canciones (BBBC 2017-26)

I am not impressed with my own singing. In fact, I am self-conscious about how bad I sound, even to myself. So it’s not often that I sing out loud. There are three exceptions, as follows: 

Happy birthday: Today is our #2 granddaughter’s birthday (there are 5 granddaughters total), and we are going to celebrate with her shortly. I will sing Happy Birthday out loud. There is a family tradition that we sing at the normal happy birthday speed, then we sing again at twice the speed. Oh trust me, it sounds great! 😆

Que Sera: My mom has Dementia, and her hospice care provides twice monthly music therapy. A lovely young woman, Anna, comes and plays the guitar and sings to mom, as if she were the only person in the world. I try to be there whenever she visits. Mom doesn’t sing with her anymore, which makes Anna and me sad, but she still smiles and hums, and sometimes, taps a tambourine to the beat. This last visit, I sang along with all the songs, until the beautiful “Que Sera”, and my thoughts about “what will be” for Mom, brought me to tears.

Old Man, by Neil Young: This song reminds me of my Dad, who I lost when I was 22. I sing this song out loud, and sometimes it makes me cry, but other times it makes me smile. “I’m a lot like you were…”❤

This post is part of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka ToadMama, to cover 28 blog prompts in the month of February. And good for undisciplined me, no rules either.

Toadmama’s Challenge

Prompt: Three songs you love to sing along with 

10 thoughts on “Tres canciones (BBBC 2017-26)

  1. Great songs and so sad about you mom but even if she doesn’t sing it sounds like she continues to enjoy the music. And I don’t sing well either – just make a joyful noise. LOL.

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