A visit to Taos

It was a brief visit, but during our stay in Santa Fe, we really wanted to return to Taos, which was a favorite on a long-ago trip to New Mexico.

The ride up is very scenic and twisty in parts and flat and boring high-speed highway in others. We didn’t stop until we entered the Rio Grande Gorge on NM 68, and then just to check out the river.

Riverside rest area

The Rio Grande flowing strong

We rode through Taos to revisit one of New Mexico’s most amazing natural and man-made sights, the Rio Grande Gorge and Bridge. This steel wonder stands 650 above the river and the view is just spectacular! Those afraid of heights need not apply.

In 1966 the American Institute of Steel Construction awarded the bridge “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in the “Long Span” category. 

It’s beautiful but could use a paint job 😉

The Rio Grande 650 feet below the bridge!

A quick video of the surrounding views from the bridge here. You can hear the crazy wind!

Having rafted here years ago, and many times at home, we enjoyed watching these guys go by!

You know we had to do it!

By this time we were famished, so we headed into town for lunch at a tiny place called La Cueva Cafe. Yum! Taco, Chile Relleno & enchilada with Christmas Chile  (red & green) and chicken tacos, New Mexican style! 🌶

Followed by a leisurely stroll around town, and then a stop for a frosty beverage.

Drinks with a view

Last, but never least, we stopped at a place dear to our hearts, The Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn. On our very first trip together, 22 years ago, we came here for a one night stay. A few days later, after visiting Durango and Mesa Verde, we drove 4 extra hours to come back to the Adobe Bar for a nightcap. ❤

This time El Chupacabra was on the menu, yum! Pepper infused Sauza Blue Silver, triple sec, sweet and sour, fresh lime juice, and salt and pepper on the rim, OMG!

The Adobe Bar view of the world

Fabulous Taos Inn sign

A little more strolling to counter the effects of the festive beverages before riding, and our lovely day in Taos came to an end. We’ll see you again one day, Taos!

19 thoughts on “A visit to Taos

  1. Great post as usual, Lynne, but I wasn’t able to focus much after… El Chupacabra! Holy freakin’ cow that sounds AWESOME!

    I could try to find one locally, but I doubt that this Western metropolitan setting would do it justice. Likely it must be served in an authentically Southwestern atmosphere for, um, full effect… (Hmmm, is a mixed drink a valid reason for a road trip?)

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  2. I think it is very cool that you two are going back and revisiting some areas from back in the day. Troubadour and I have been together 23 years this year and married 21 and we’ve talked about going back to our old stomping grounds in British Columbia for a visit as well.

    I can’t imagine warm enough weather to raft the river. Great pictures and scenery.

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    • Brandy, we are in the same stage, together 22 and married 20 in October. ❤ It really is fun revisiting our early days, I highly recommend it. While we were in Taos it was low 80s, but I imagine the splashes were cold! 😲


  3. Taos has always been one of those places I’ve wanted to visit. But, so far, all New Mexico trips have been work related so free time has always been limited.

    So, the most important question. Red or green?

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