Back in Texas – ready for the MotoGP

Inaugural Retirement trip – Part 3 – Finally!

Since it has been some time since I was able to post about this trip, there may be some of you joining the journey for the first time. If so, you can go back to the beginning here. I have added links in each blog to connect you to the next installment. It’s been so long due to technical difficulties with the WordPress for Android app on my tablet, which I reported in a really short post here. Sadly, we have returned home, and the WP mobile app is still broken, as far as being able to post pictures. Boo. So back on the laptop we go.

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No blog joy with pictures

For all two of you waiting patiently for updates on our epic inaugural retirement motorcycle trip, just an update: I only brought my Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and there is apparently an issue with the latest version of the WordPress mobile app for Android.

Since our arrival in Texas on April 9th, I have done quite a bit of writing, but I am unable to post ANY pictures. Boo. What is a story without pictures? Didn’t happen, that’s what.

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