Straight roads are fine if you are in a car. You can go fast on straight roads, and probably do, since they are also often boring. Straight roads are for getting you from one place to another.

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Of an Evening

I have found myself reading voraciously the last week or so. Blogs, newsletters, articles; one thing linking me to another, and then another. Mostly I have been focused on travel blogs and tips, career options, tips for making a living writing, and so forth. Frankly, the amount of information I have been consuming is overwhelming, even though it is exciting to read about others’ experiences, and see how they share them.

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Changing Perspectives

Originally, I thought I would create a blog solely as an outlet for the multitude of emotions related to my mother’s struggle with aging and memory loss, and my struggle to deal with the sea change caused in my life by becoming her caretaker. Watching the changes in her has reminded me that life is so fleeting, and while I am consumed with my job and caretaker duties, I also need to find my purpose, my true north, and decide how to live the rest of my life before it’s too late.

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