Santa Fe Skies RV Park

Looking Northeast toward the Santa Fe ski area

If ever there was an appropriately named RV park, this is It! I don’t normally write a post solely about an RV park, and this is one of those that you really want to keep to yourself, but it was so special, I decided to share it anyway.

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Voices of Motorcycle Bloggers

Looking south on NC 80

I recently became a follower of a motorcycle blogger with the fabulous name of Fuzzygalore, who writes about riding, motorcycles, and fun things to look for out on the road during motorcycle travels, and uses the tagline “Girlie Motorcycle Blog”. How could anyone resist? Incidentally, I discovered Fuzzy through her comments on Leslie’s Motorcycle Adventures blog, Advgrrl. Leslie posts videos all the time, so we know what she looks and sounds like!  Why shouldn’t the rest of us join her?

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2014 in review and Happy New Year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog, which was the perfect nudge for me to create a look back at the year that has just passed. My blog stats are nothing to write home about, but certainly more than I ever could have hoped or imagined when I started this blog in September of 2013.

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