What do work campers do?


Lynne & Ro try something new πŸ˜€

With the exception of my somewhat cryptic announcement of our summer plans to work camp here at Estes Park Campground at Mary’s Lake back on May 8th, I have spent all my blog capital since sharing the beauty and nature here in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. No surprise, since this is one of the most beautiful areas in North America.

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Around Estes: Lily Mountain

Today (June 6th) was our third day off in a row, and our one month anniversary here in Estes Park! Day off #1 (Monday) we hiked the Emerald Lake trail in Rocky Mountain NP, Tuesday we did a scenic day trip to Fort Collins (sorry, FB or Instagram posts only), and today we hiked nearby Lily Mountain trail. Several of our fellow work campers had hiked Lily Mountain and gave us the 411 so we knew it was a serious hike, despite being only 4 miles roundtrip.

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Rocky Mountain NP: Nymph, Dream, & Emerald Lakes

Today, since it was Monday, we decided to brave Bear Lake and hike to the trifecta of popular Rocky Mountain lakes, Nymph, Dream, and Emerald. I say ‘brave’ because the “season” has definitely begun here in Estes Park. Locals say that the lines going into the park in summer can be miles long. This morning, fortunately, that was not the case. Bear Lake is the most popular area to saunter around Bear Lake or begin many other hikes, and the parking area there is generally closed to traffic by 8:30 or 9 on a summer day. You can still go there, but you must park at the Park and Ride, and catch a shuttle to the Bear Lake trailhead. Well, we found exactly that situation before 9 AM on a Monday. Hmmm. So that is what we did.

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Rocky Mountain NP: Trail Ridge Road Part I

Prepare to be awed! This post is a compilation of two visits to the scenic crown jewel of Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road (AKA US 34). The first visit was prior to Trail Ridge opening for the season when we could only drive as far west as Rainbow Curve from Estes Park. The second visit was ten days later, the day after the road opened to cover theΒ 48 miles between Estes Park on the park’s east side and Grand Lake on the west. This is part one of (at least) two since we only made it as far as the Alpine Visitor’s center on the second visit, about 25ish miles.

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