At one with nature (BBBC 2017-27)

Although I do enjoy walking in cities, and often seek out centrally located hotels and even campgrounds, that are within walking distance of shops or interesting things in a city, my go-to walk is in nature.

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Better late than never…Summing up 2013

All over the web, people have been sharing their wrap-ups of last year, and plans for this New Year. I really enjoyed reading the 2013 Roundup from Lily in Canada, with her witty responses to a questionnaire that came from tumblr, so although it is already the second week of January, here is my 2013 summary:

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Of an Evening

I have found myself reading voraciously the last week or so. Blogs, newsletters, articles; one thing linking me to another, and then another. Mostly I have been focused on travel blogs and tips, career options, tips for making a living writing, and so forth. Frankly, the amount of information I have been consuming is overwhelming, even though it is exciting to read about others’ experiences, and see how they share them.

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