Guanella Pass Scenic Byway

Waaay back in the middle of August (how can it be the middle of September already?), Jerry and I were itching for a motorcycle ride. There was an ulterior motive for my dear husband, which will reveal itself later in the blog, but generally, we just wanted to get out there, see some beauty, while running up some miles. Since we are fortunate enough to still be here in Northern Colorado, we had endless options for spectacular scenery.

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Colorado 100,000 foot ride

As many of you know, the love of my life, Jerry, has an early August birthday. Well, being here in paradise, the options for celebrating his birthday were absolutely endless. So, when asked what he wanted to do, he said he had read about an annual event the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado organizes which happened to be on his birthday. It was a fun-filled day of riding, which is reportedly only geographically possible in this part of Colorado, where you ride at least TEN 10,000 foot or higher passes in a single day! Well, if that is what the birthday boy wants to kick off his birthday month, that is what he gets! 🙂

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Mount Evans Scenic Byway

As usual, I am trying to catch up on sharing the wonderful experiences we have had here in Colorado this summer. On June 23rd, between visits from friends, and exactly a week after Eric & Pam so graciously delivered our motorcycles to us in Estes Park, we decided to break the no riding spell with a doozy! Mount Evans Scenic Byway has long been the highest paved road in North America, at 14,130′, and it is approximately 100 beautiful, curvy, and twisty miles from Estes Park!

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Moto-thrills in the hood (BBBC 2017-20)

The hubs and I started riding almost 20 years ago, at “advanced” ages, for most motorcyclists. Better late than never, right? We made up for lost time, however, taking almost all of our vacations on our bikes, traveling all over the US and into Canada. We lived in Metro Atlanta for 12 of those years, but then we got tired of having to ride back into the city after a long day on the bikes, and we moved north. Into the foothills of the Appalachians, near Dahlonega, Georgia, AKA motorcycling heaven. So…there are LOTS of wonderful roads in our “hood”. And we consider our hood to be within 200 to 300 miles, of course. 🙂

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Church of two wheels (BBBC 2017-18)

I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in a church thinking about riding a motorcycle.

I am not a religious person but I do consider myself a spiritual person. And I believe there is no better place to witness the most awe-inspiring creations than from the seat of my bike. 

I worship at the Church of two wheels.

This post is part of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka ToadMama, to cover 28 blog prompts in the month of February. And good for undisciplined me, no rules either.

Toadmama’s Challenge

Prompt: Church

BBBC Challenge accepted! Day 1

I know this is crazy, since I haven’t posted since last August, but I have accepted the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka Toadmama! It involves a post each day in the generally moto-bare month of February, based on a list of prompts she provided. I am starting off strong with my first post, on the actual first day of February! 🙂 Continue reading