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If you have been following this site for any length of time, you probably know that the hubs and I have been traveling by motorcycle, since the late 1990s, and via RV and motorcycle, since 2015. From the time we first met, the one constant in our lives has been that we LOVE to travel. Well, we have taken that love to a new extent, and I am going to tell you all about it, finally. But first, a little history.

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300+ Miles to Utah, no problem! Part 3: Colorado National Monument

It has been a long time in coming, but here is the ‘rest of the story’ about our ride from Estes Park to Utah and western Colorado, back in August of 2018. 

We left Dinosaur National Monument on a mission to see another incredible National treasure just over 100 miles south near Grand Junction, Colorado, the Colorado National Monument.

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300+ Miles to Utah, no problem! Part 2: Dinosaur National Monument

It’s been a while since I posted about the Bittersweet Farewell to our new family in Estes Park, and we have had a whirlwind of activity at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, and then a week-long visit to Southeast New Mexico as well. I have lots to write about from both of these visits, but I am determined to finish parts 2 and 3 of our visit to Utah and Western Colorado and a few more Estes posts before that.

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300+ Miles to Utah, no problem! Part 1: Flaming Gorge

Since we have been in Estes Park, I have been obsessed with seeing a few sights/National Monuments in far eastern Utah, and far western Colorado. In the spring of last year, we spent two months exploring National Parks and Monuments (and other scenic stuff, of course) in Southern Utah and Colorado. But we did not make it north of I-70, so we missed a National Recreation Area and National Monument in Utah, and another National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado. So, with three days off coming up, we planned a grand adventure motorcycle ride of 900 or so miles, in three days!

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Guanella Pass Scenic Byway

Waaay back in the middle of August (how can it be the middle of September already?), Jerry and I were itching for a motorcycle ride. There was an ulterior motive for my dear husband, which will reveal itself later in the blog, but generally, we just wanted to get out there, see some beauty, while running up some miles. Since we are fortunate enough to still be here in Northern Colorado, we had endless options for spectacular scenery.

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Colorado 100,000 foot ride

As many of you know, the love of my life, Jerry, has an early August birthday. Well, being here in paradise, the options for celebrating his birthday were absolutely endless. So, when asked what he wanted to do, he said he had read about an annual event the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado organizes which happened to be on his birthday. It was a fun-filled day of riding, which is reportedly only geographically possible in this part of Colorado, where you ride at least TEN 10,000 foot or higher passes in a single day! Well, if that is what the birthday boy wants to kick off his birthday month, that is what he gets! 🙂

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