A winter visit to DC (BBBC 2017-08)

Cold front passing

Graft 2008-09 Roxy Paine, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Brushstroke 1996 Roy Lichtenstein, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden


This post is part of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka ToadMamaToadmama, to cover 28 blog prompts in the month of February. And good for undisciplined me, no rules either.

Toadmama’s Challenge

Prompt: Three photos you’ve never shared

The Joys of Winter riding

As seems to have been the case nearly every weekend lately, the Saturday after Christmas was a wash out. We have had record levels of rain this year in North Georgia, and darn it, it’s getting old! Our feet are webbed, our surroundings are saturated, and we want some SUN! OK, we do have the gear to deal with the rain, but we are TIRED of using it!

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