Just chill

I continue to ponder what I want to be when I grow up. Ok, it could easily be categorized as ‘obsess’, rather than ponder…it’s become a new source of stress, I think. Not that I needed a new source, mind you!

It’s not so much that I don’t know what I want, it’s much more about the worry that I can’t make a living doing what I want. About giving up the J-O-B to do what I want. So that starts the thought process: well I should find another way to make a living so that I can write. Wait…Doesn’t that just put me in another J-O-B that I don’t love?

Here are some things I know:

I want to write;

I want to travel;

I want to write about said travel.

I have some obligations that will require me to keep the J-O-B for a period of time (not forever, although it may seem so at times).

I can travel during my time off, although much more limited than I would like, and write about that NOW. I can also write about motorcycling, caring for my mother and other topics as they come to me.

I can test the waters of being a writer, NOW.

I can stop stressing over whether I can make a living writing. I’ve only just started, after all.

I can celebrate small victories, like the email I received last Friday from an online magazine telling me they accepted my Reader Story for publication. 😀

I can just stop and savor a spectacular sunset, like the one I witnessed last night.


And I can just chill.

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