Holy S#^t, Batman! The sequel…

Some of you (at least two, ha ha!) may recall a recent post about Holy S#^t moments, and I have been remiss in not sharing the outcome in a timely manner. I got all wrapped up in following my passion, and forgot all about the pain. Hmm, is there a really deep blog post in my future?


So, I received the results of my MRI earlier this week. It seems that Wikipedia, Dr. Lynne, and the REAL doctor had something in common: we were all wrong!

The good news is I did not tear my meniscus, or my ACL. I didn’t tear anything, as a matter of fact, so no surgery is required, arthroscopic or otherwise.

Sadly, the real truth is more depressing. The diagnosis was slight osteoarthritis and reduced cartilage in my knee. 😦 The curse-generating pain I felt was likely a “flake” of cartilage breaking away and the pain has gradually reduced as the flake is dissolved or absorbed in the fluid around the knee. Time, rest, and a much less rigorous exercise routine since the injury have helped reduce the pain as well.

Image Will this be me???

I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved (no surgery!) or bummed (osteoarthritis!). I chose relieved, since he explained that I could still exercise as long as it was low impact. He recommended walking, although less hard core than I had been practicing, and advocated swimming or stationary bicycling as ideal exercises.

Hmm, lack of access to a swimming pool makes that one tough, and I own an elliptical, so that will have to do when getting outside to walk is not possible. He didn’t prescribe anything else, other than an anti-inflammatory as needed.


Wow, I went to the appointment worrying about juggling all the holiday parties and commitments to fit in surgery and rehab, and left with a slightly curtailed exercise plan. SCORE!


Have you been through something similar? I got loads of encouragement about arthroscopic surgery and how quick the recovery time is, but osteoarthritis? Sounds ominous, despite my optimism.

5 thoughts on “Holy S#^t, Batman! The sequel…

  1. Dang, well I am oh so glad you will not be needing to have surgery! Hopefully just some changes in your routines and exercise regimens will help ease the flaky pain… though it does sound ominous to be hit with an unexpected diagnosis like that… At least you won’t be missing any Christmas parties!


  2. Have you tried an elliptical, Lynne? I find it’s non-impact but full range-of-motion is a great form of exercise to keep all your joints and muscles engaged, without any of the nasty side effects of high-impact activities.


    • Ha, I just left a comment about using the elliptical on the previous post! I got it for Christmas in 2012, so yes, I have and use one and you are right about the benefits and low impact on the knees. And then, I started yoga classes 2 to 3 times a week the end of December, and now am on my personal mission to do my own practice every day as well. 🙂


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