Misinformation and Influence (BBBC 2017-21)

In my lifetime, I cannot remember a time where so much misinformation has existed and been spread, so far and wide. But then, we haven’t always had social media and the internet so prevalent in our lives. Opinions are everywhere, and no one is shy about sharing them. Nor are we, apparently, shy about trying to convince EVERY SINGLE PERSON WE KNOW that our opinion is vastly superior to their, contrary opinion.

I have tried very hard to keep politics out of my social media presence, especially off the blog, which was easy when I hadn’t blogged in months. 😀

It has been a bit harder while participating in this daily challenge. I have very strongly held beliefs, and I try to (mostly) keep them to myself. There is a time and place to express those beliefs, hopefully, with action. Some topics are easier than others. And I am simply done reading what I consider to be totally misinformed opinions shared by my social media contacts.

Fortunately, there are tools within social media, especially Facebook, to hide or unfollow people’s entire feeds, and you can even unfollow posts by certain politically charged entities that are shared by your friends. That has made life (almost) bearable in this last election cycle.

The moral of this story is: No one EVER convinced someone else to change their opinion, political leaning, or policy position with a social media post. EVER. Please stop trying. Your friends, family, and acquaintances will thank you. As will I. #juststop

This post is part of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka ToadMama, to cover 28 blog prompts in the month of February. And good for undisciplined me, no rules either.

Toadmama’s Challenge

Prompt: Misinformation

6 thoughts on “Misinformation and Influence (BBBC 2017-21)

  1. I just read that all BMW motorcycles are designed to explode when towed… Not sure where I heard that… maybe the MOA magazine … or maybe ADVrider… or was it on Twitter … maybe Facebook…


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