Number 25 (BBBC 2017-25)

Well, for probably the last 5 years, at least, my phone has been my camera. It continues to amaze me how camera phones just keep getting better and better.

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge (no, NOT the exploding one, only the 7 Note had a problem…) and the photos are nothing short of amazing. No special settings, no focusing, just simple and always available. I never go anywhere without my phone. 🙂

As prompted in the blog challenge today, the 25th photo on my phone is of a very happy event, an aerator comparison at Naturally Georgia, a wine tasting room within a fun art gallery called Bleu, in our lovely town of Dahlonega.

This place is our Cheers, and I’m happy to share it with all of you in blog land!

This post is part of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) issued by my moto-blog friend Kathy, aka ToadMama, to cover 28 blog prompts in the month of February. And good for undisciplined me, no rules either.

Toadmama’s Challenge

Prompt: Share the 25th image you come to on your camera or phone

6 thoughts on “Number 25 (BBBC 2017-25)

  1. For the ignorant among us, is an aerator some sort of device to mix air into the wine? Is it attached to the bottle or do you pour through it?

    It looks like a beautiful gallery and tasting room. BTW, have you ever used Harvest Hosts to dry camp (for free) at wineries and farms?

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  2. Yes, aerators do introduce air into wine, particularly red wine. They range from an inexpensive pourer that bubbles a little to the latest and greatest $100 version that we were testing. It sticks on top of the bottle with a tube in the wine then it mechanically mixes air and dispenses wine into a glass. We still have the cheap version, but it was fun testing!

    We are aware of Harvest Hosts and have been to a member winery, but have yet to join and stay at one. I think it would be fun, but I bet we’d spend way more than what a campground would cost! 😉

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