Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin

I promise, I will get back to the last part of the Utah trip, as well as, finish my Colorado posts, but before that I want to share a cool place we discovered on a day trip to Austin earlier this week. It is perfect for a photo-filled blog post created on my phone.

From the website:

Welcome to the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, our community paint park located at 11th & Baylor St. in downtown Austin, TX. This educational project is managed by the non-profit HOPE Events and was officially launched in March 2011 with the help of contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. It is the only paint park of its kind in the USA and was developed to provide muralists, street artists, arts education classes and community groups the opportunity to display large scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive & educational messaging. Check out the launch video HERE.

This failed condo construction project has become a place for self-expression and some really beautiful art, but is sadly marred by the casual spray paint jockey who can’t be bothered to take his or her trash with them.

Judgment over…enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin

  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Great job photographing it, especially the LOVE. 😄

    Austin is a fun city. We will get back to Texas one day. Have you been to the Salt Lick BBQ or one of Rudy’s locations? They know how to do brisket!

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    • Thanks, Kathy! I was trying to focus on the positive…not sure how they did that 3d Love though! 😲

      We come through Texas at least once a year, twice lately! I lived in San Antonio for 10 years, back in the mid-80s to -90s, and the original Rudy’s is just north of there, yum. Since they expanded, it’s a little less authentic but the food is still great. In my posts about a week ago, we went to Cooper’s in Llano…OMG, so good! 😍


  2. I’ve only been to Austin once before, I think, and it was for a conference that I was teaching a tutorial at so very little free time for exploring. One of these days we’ll make it across Texas to the other coast but it may be a while…

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