Of an Evening

I have found myself reading voraciously the last week or so. Blogs, newsletters, articles; one thing linking me to another, and then another. Mostly I have been focused on travel blogs and tips, career options, tips for making a living writing, and so forth. Frankly, the amount of information I have been consuming is overwhelming, even though it is exciting to read about others’ experiences, and see how they share them.

Tonight I was on information overload, so I set out for a walk. The day had been rainy, just clearing around 6 pm, so the air was cool and refreshing. As I headed out, I saw the almost-full moon rising. One of my routes includes a cemetery, which I find very peaceful, with a view of the mountains to the north. As I rounded the cemetery path, this view stopped me in my tracks.


The walk helped me clear my head, and prompted me to write, rather than read, for a change. It was a sensory experience, really. The sounds of frogs and birds. The sights of the moon and the changing leaves. The sweet smell of grass. By the time I was almost home, the rain combined with the cooling air created a mist so beautiful it almost made me cry.


Truly an evening to remember in words and pictures.

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