Save the Turtle

My loving husband has been known to counsel me to “save the turtle” on occasion. This MIGHT occur in situations where he believes I might be less patient than some, and following a little too closely behind some less skilled driver who is plodding along one of our gorgeous country roads.

(What, me tailgate? Noooooo!)

Now some may suggest that this is his favorite saying simply because he is a proud University of Maryland Terrapin, but I digress.

Today, despite my only commute being up approximately 17 steps to my office in the bonus room, I truly did “save the turtle”!

While on my daily walk at lunch today, I came upon a small box turtle halfway across the road. I knew he had experienced a brush with death from a speeding white SUV, because I had experienced the same. He was clearly pointed in a westerly direction, so I gave him a lift to the relative safety of the grass on the shoulder. When I picked him up, he made the oddest hissing sound, almost like a helium balloon losing air.

Anyway, I hope that he doesn’t suffer any lingering effects from my airlift, and that he eventually got where he was going.

Save the turtle, indeed!

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