My dream of a Yoga Center here in Dahlonega!

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The Yoga community in Dahlonega is mighty and growing. If you value wellness for your mind, body, and soul, join me in supporting Mindy’s dream for a Yoga Center in Dahlonega!

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ImageDreams, we all have them. Most are wishes upon stars, errant thoughts or sometimes contemplations of “what if” but me, well I tend to just jump right in after them. One of my inner codes is similar to words from a Tom Petty song:

“Yeah runnin’ down a dream
That never would come to me
Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads
Runnin’ down a dream”.

Our lives are full of dreams, passions, desires but my dream for the last year has been largely focused on our Yoga Community. The studio continues to thrive and the Yoga Community of Dahlonega needs more space, therefore I thought that perhaps I could share my dream and overall vision for what I want to create for us here in Dahlonega and beyond.

I want us to have a Yoga Center. A location near the square downtown with ample parking and ample studio…

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12 thoughts on “My dream of a Yoga Center here in Dahlonega!

  1. I used to do yoga when I was very, very young! Funny, I really didn’t need it then. I should be doing it now. From what I’ve heard it’s amazing for helping stiff joints. As I recall it was also very fulfilling in the sense of the meditation part. Must check Franklin out to see if we have something here. Will be crossing our fingers & sending prayers that everything works out for you!!


    • Thank you for the good wishes! Yes, it is wonderful to do yoga, as I really think it helps with the aging process. More strength, flexibility, etc. My instructor here in Dahlonega goes to Asheville for her instructor training. I would bet that Franklin has yoga, or would hope, anyway! 🙂


    • Hook, we can ALL use a little yoga-or otherwise-inspired zen 😉

      Thanks for reading, commenting, and the likes! I was catching up on your blog yesterday, not cyber-stalking, I promise!


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