A review of Identity – Part I by Claire Duffy

I have shared my enthusiasm previously for blogger Claire Duffy, of The Grass Is Dancing, who chronicles her experiences as an expat living in Sweden, for no particular reason, but today I have new news!

In addition to her main blog, Claire is a busy writer for film and TV, and in December she started a new blog series called Identity. I started reading this psychological thriller right away and was hooked from the first post!

Identity is the story of a troubled psychologist who goes undercover to seduce a serial killer, and the fast pace will keep you on the edge of your seat! Claire’s characters absolutely come to life and I found myself trying to anticipate their next moves, based on what I thought I knew, but have been continually surprised by the endless twists and turns.

Today, Claire made available the rest of Part I of  Identity via ebook, and I could not wait another 14 days for the blog series to wrap up to get “the rest of the story”…of Part I, at least!

I will not provide a spoiler for anyone reading the blog series, but suffice it to say “I didn’t see that coming!!!!” 😀

This story is frightening, fascinating and thrilling. I already cannot wait until Part II, which Claire will make available in June…not sure I can wait!

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