Emerging from the fog…

My day to day routine of late has been a fog. I feel like I have been just dragging through the work day, and my other responsibilities, while simultaneously watching the weeks and months of 2014 fly by.

I haven’t been writing anything but a comment here or there, and barely even finding time to read my (overloaded) blog roll. So many inspiring bloggers and topics, and still nothing moved me to put pen to paper.

The weight of the job, household chores, spending time with Mom, dealing with the aftermath of a totaled car, all of it has been overwhelming, with no end in sight. Like many corporate drones, I really enjoy having something out of the ordinary, out of the routine, to look forward to. We recently took a long weekend away to attend an annual event with my husband’s siblings and their significant others, affectionately known as our ‘Outlaw reunion”; but even though we had a great time, and put about 1000 miles on the bikes to get there and back, still I couldn’t break out of the fog.

My saving graces have been time with my husband (although precious little due to our schedules), getting out on the motorcycles now and then, and yoga. The yoga has been a time commitment too, but in the best possible way. I am getting stronger, calmer, and starting to be able to quiet my monkey mind. (monkey reference for Mindy, my yogi guru!) Learning to meditate is helping too. I really have only started this journey to connecting mind, body and soul, even though I have done yoga on and off for many years, I feel I am on the right path now.

While these things have and continue to enrich my life, it was something else that brought me out of the fog: A plan for our vacation in September.

Such a simple thing, but it brought the distant future into view, keeping me motivated and moving toward the light.

You see, the hub and I have a roughly two year plan to escape the rat race and free ourselves to be who we will be in the next phase of our lives.

What does that have to do with the plan for our vacation in September?

Our two year plan is to dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s, then quit our jobs, buy an RV and an enclosed trailer for the bikes, and tour this beautiful country. We plan to visit the places of our dreams, take tons of pictures, and write about our adventures and misadventures. We plan to travel on our schedule, and spend as much time as we like to explore so many bucket list destinations, as well as, the journey in between. Our plan is not to sell everything and RV full time, but to come and go from our home base as we please.

We have been planning a trip from Georgia to the Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise area of Canada for this fall; however we were planning to ride the entire trip on the bikes. Even for long distance riders, this is a major undertaking, and we would spend most of our time off from work getting there and back. We discussed renting an RV, so we could do a test run, but all the rental agencies we checked did not allow towing of any vehicle or trailer AT ALL.

Well, leave it to my darling husband to keep looking and finally find a rental company that does allow towing. YAY! From the first conversation we had about the possibility of doing our RTR, I had emerged from my fog! 😀

RTR = Retirement Test Ride

We wanted to rent an RV in the size range that we thought we would want to eventually buy, and it turns out the 27’ C class is only available in 5 cities in the US. No sweat, it turns out that Denver is one of those cities. Hub’s suggestion was to drive our truck and open trailer to Denver, and pick up the preferred RV there, saving literally thousands of rental miles on the RV and getting us there in a day or two. Brilliant! This will allow us to take in the Beartooth Highway in Montana on our way to Canada, and give us infinitely more time to explore Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise and the surrounding area.

So, now the planning begins in earnest. Planning, dreaming, and scheming. We can’t wait!

PS: Since I started writing this, I also found out a motorcycle boot review I had written was just published by Women Riders Now…so that post actually beat this one to the punch. What a way to start a long weekend! Woohoo!

34 thoughts on “Emerging from the fog…

  1. Roby, there you are! Fell into my own fog about a week and a half ago when my Queen had to go south for her 6 monthly check-up. She’s all clear and home but the fog has remained. Can’t write, can hardly read, this is only my 2nd comment in weeks, I hope it passes. Your RTR sounds great, as does your 2 year plan. Gods luck with it all. Cheers Rd


    • Yes, RD, I am here! It is funny, we seem to be on the same dark/fog cycle. This too shall pass and you will be back at it. I am so glad your Queen got the all clear! I am honored that I got a rare comment and thanks for the luck…stories to come. 😀


  2. Congrats on the pub!!! I hear ya about the fog – though its been awhile There is light on the otherside. Love the 2 year plan-good luck. We’ve been hitting the state parks around Florida and they are beautiful and amazing to stay in. Also inexpensive. Right now the mister is planning a 3-week out west tour. I have it easy – I just go along for the ride and stock the fridge. LOL.


    • Thank you, Lynn!!! I so need to catch up on your blog. This fog has had me paralyzed and barely even reading. I can’t wait to see your lovely pics of the state parks. And the wildlife you inevitably encounter. Any birds been knocking on your RV lately? 😉

      Ooh, I can’t wait to read about your out west trip! You don’t have it that easy, you document it in words and pictures!


  3. Wow, that’s great! Even better that you’re doing a test run before you commit everything to the new life.
    Here’s to a gently curving road to all the fun places for you both!


    • Thanks, Guap, so exciting! We did a rented RV trip many years ago, before we started taking all our vacations on the bikes, and enjoyed it very much, so I think it will suit us just fine, but you are right, gotta make sure. Wheeeeee! 😉


  4. I love this: both your clear 2 year plan and your test run to make sure you’ll actually enjoy the plan. Good for you!! I can’t wait to read about the epic trip to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise. Beautiful country, it is!


    • Hee hee, well, since I work at home, I can only virtually laugh at my co-workers, so I have to keep focused on the adventure planning.

      Also, just writing a little post about a long weekend getaway, so things are definitely looking up. 😀


  5. What a brilliant idea – I love the thought of test driving retirement! I’ve road tripped a little around that area, and it is spectacular. The people are great too – you’ll have a ball!


  6. Hay there Sweety!! Hold on, cuz it sounds to us like you’re going to drive out of that fog rather than waiting for it to dissipate! Good for you!!! Best thing to do, is to follow your dreams! Then and only then can an artist truly be free!!! And boy, then will the words flow! And what adventures you’ll have to write about! Do keep us informed so we can live vicariously thru you my dear!! 😉 ❤


    • Hey back! Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments!

      After my dry spell, I am at it again, and I am actually about to publish a little story about weekend getaway that took us through your fair town…we didn’t stay this time, but absolutely gaped at the lovely spring display of pink dogwoods on Hwy 64. I swear, NC wins the roadside decorating prize. I wish GA would get a clue! 🙂



  7. […] back in time, we are already planning additional trips for 2015, including the long-anticipated retirement test ride (RTR) that I have been writing about since spring of last year, which will involve renting an RV, […]


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