Smelling the roses or ???


Set-up: Hub and me, enjoying a late winter ride on one of our favorite curvy local roads.

Me: Do you see that line on the road? And smell that smell?


Me: I think it might be a trail of shit on every corner!


Him: Oh yes, I can smell it.


Me: Hmmm, I think it must be a stock trailer full of cows, and the cows are letting loose as they get thrown around on the corners…and there are a lot of corners.


Me: Oh no, I just had an awful thought…what if it is an RV dumping its human “contents”? UGH.


Him: No, you have an eagle eye, and nose; I think it is cow shit.


Me & Him: HA HA HA!

About 8 miles later, there is still a trail…

Me: That’s a lot of shit.


Him: No Shit 😀




I thought I would start out short and sweet smelly, after my long hiatus. Back soon with details on planning for our RTR (Retirement Test Ride).


14 thoughts on “Smelling the roses or ???

    • Hey Guap!!!

      Well, it was a very distinctive and regular pattern in every curve, so we were able to plan our corners to avoid the ‘spillage’. But it gives you an idea of how those poor cows felt going up that incredibly curvy road, being thrown to the outside of each turn. Not nauseous, but with that other effect! 😀


  1. […] July: July started out with the proverbial bang on the 4th, with the Hubs and I taking my Mom to our little hometown July 4th parade. It was a lovely day, cool in the shade and a great time was had by all. It was not, however, documented in a blog post. The 5th had us on a quick overnight motorcycle trip to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee, with a quick stop to see the youngest granddaughter on the way home. A short visit from some Florida motorcycle friends on the 10th gave me an excuse to take the day off and show them around the lovely North Georgia mountains on our bikes. Mid-June brought a major family reunion and celebration of my Mother-In-Law’s 90 birthday, with more than 50 of her descendants, spouses and offspring converging in Front Royal, Virginia. Alas, no blog post for that either. Seems to be a theme here. I did rally at the end of the month with a stinky blog entry, Smelling the roses or?. […]


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