No blog joy with pictures

For all two of you waiting patiently for updates on our epic inaugural retirement motorcycle trip, just an update: I only brought my Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and there is apparently an issue with the latest version of the WordPress mobile app for Android.

Since our arrival in Texas on April 9th, I have done quite a bit of writing, but I am unable to post ANY pictures. Boo. What is a story without pictures? Didn’t happen, that’s what.

So I finally stopped partying here in San Antonio today (momentarily, anyway), got wise, and Googled the issue. Found others feeling the same pain on the user forums, and then I added my own version of that issue.

Patiently waiting for a resolution. Otherwise, once we get home, I will be sitting for a week in front of a real computer, writing most of our trip all at once. 😀

Thank you for stopping in for an update! Hope to be back soon!

16 thoughts on “No blog joy with pictures

  1. Looking forward to the pics but don’t take a week to do it – make time to ride 🙂 Rode yesterday and and loved it – no ice cream as it was a tad cold. JT

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    • I know, if I could post now then I wouldn’t have to do it all at once! But will make time to ride, and glad you did too! We will just call it therapeutic. 🙂


  2. I’ve been wondering of late what would be best to take on our travels. A note book computer or a tablet (Android preferably).

    I’ve been leaning towards a tablet but wonder if it can/ will do everything I need including some basic video editing. Still need to look into this a bit more…

    In the meqn time I’m looking forward to seeing your photos.

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    • I was so pleased with the performance of our tablet, and I bought a Bluetooth keyboard that made things great, then I understand a software upgrade hosed up the app. I have not tried video editing on it though. Hoping they fix it soon!


  3. Don’t sweat it, Lynne: Your readers are patient, and the adventures will be new to us whenever you’re able to post the tales.

    Ride first, immerse yourself in the experience… Share when you have the time and when the blasted technology once again cooperates.

    And you’re so right–accompanying photos are essential. Be safe out there.

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