Feeling springy…or am I?

The last several weeks have been very spring-like, especially for February and early March, here in North Georgia. All Mother Nature’s children have been enjoying the sunshine and (really) warm temperatures, and everything is blooming. Some spring favorites are already past their peak, including the ever-sunny daffodils, most of them, anyway.

I have enjoyed the warm weather for getting out in nature and walking or hiking, and have collected a few photos I thought I’d share to brighten up your Spring-Forward March weekend.


A group of remaining sunny daffodils on an old homestead nearby


Loropetalum, sometimes known as Chinese Fringeflower, in a neighbor’s yard


Spring flower grouping at a local park includes white and yellow daffodils and hyacinths


Even our azaleas are already starting to bloom, at least a month early! I know, I need to get those leaves out…

The problem is that Mother Nature is fickle, and starting tonight, we have “winter weather advisory” for cold rain turning to a wintry mix, and possibly even a measurable amount of snow! This could be devastating to everything that has already bloomed. It started last night with drizzle and colder temperatures.

We have already had one casualty after it got down into the 30’s last night. 😦


Our sweet little crocus blooms bit the dust

Well, the flowers always have next year. 😉

Don’t forget to set your clocks an hour forward tonight. Happy Daylight savings time!

11 thoughts on “Feeling springy…or am I?

  1. Looks pretty “springy” to me. Actual colors instead of white and grey everywhere you look. All we get lately are air quality alerts. Too many people in Alaska feel that it is their “right” to burn wood and coal. And when cold temperatures hit, temp inversion concentrates the smoke near the ground (and the air sampling sensors).

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  2. The blooms are so pretty and colorful. Here in Oregon the crocuses are done and the daffodils are now blooming.

    All the rain we’ve had must produce something pretty, right?


    • I just heard you guys were going to get hammered…sorry! We got nothing. We had no winter at all so the bugs are going to be epic this summer. 😦 Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.


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