Around Estes: Lily Mountain

Today (June 6th) was our third day off in a row, and our one month anniversary here in Estes Park! Day off #1 (Monday) we hiked the Emerald Lake trail in Rocky Mountain NP, Tuesday we did a scenic day trip to Fort Collins (sorry, FB or Instagram posts only), and today we hiked nearby Lily Mountain trail. Several of our fellow work campers had hiked Lily Mountain and gave us the 411 so we knew it was a serious hike, despite being only 4 miles roundtrip.

The trailhead for Lily is just a few miles south of Mary’s Lake on CO 7, and you park right on the side of the road to access the trailhead. The elevation at the trailhead is 8780′. We got there just before 9 AM (no, we’re not really early-starters), and the limited parking was nearly full. I would estimate there were 6 or 7 cars there.  The trail starts out gently, going north and uphill. Even early on, the views of the Estes Valley and surrounding mountains are awesome!


Estes Valley looking east


Twin Sisters looking southeast

Flowers, color, and texture abound on the trail, even at the summit of the mountain!


The trail continues north and uphill


Jerry, rock formation, and Twin Sisters


Valley panorama

A little further up, still heading generally northward.

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Below, a peek-a-boo shot of Estes Park Campground at Mary’s Lake, our home for the summer! ❤


The view of the campground was possible on the north end of the trail, about one mile in, just before a sharp left hairpin which flips the hiker in a southerly direction and sharply uphill. Whew! One foot in front of the other…below, random views on the way uphill.

The last 100 yards can only be described as a rock scramble. The trail is vague but marked with cairns at a couple of spots. Suffice it to say that we missed at least one of the cairns, then saw it and had to climb back down and then back up the correct way. 😉

At the top, it is all worth it! Two miles of climbing, rock scrambling, dust, and literal waves of pine pollen! The elevation is reported as 9786′. Wow! It was so spectacular, I am going to share all the photos AND a 360-degree video!


Jerry looking east over the Estes Valley and beyond…the haze in the distance is pollen!


Looking northwest to the Mummy Range

Take a video spin around the top of Lily Mountain with me!


Looking southwest, Longs Peak with Estes Cone just in front of it


Looking west into Rocky Mountain NP


Looking northwest into Rocky Mountain NP, the huge YMCA complex and then Moraine Park in the center


Some nice folks from Denver joined us up top and we exchanged photo courtesies

I cannot adequately describe the view from the top of the mountain. You can see everything in all directions. You need an extra set of eyes to take it all in!

I equally cannot describe just how steep and rocky the second mile of this hike is. Despite having just climbed it, we marveled on the way down at just how steep it was. These photos don’t do it justice, but they are the best I have! 😉



Looking back up at the trail…that tiny strip of dust through the rock leads you upward!


Looking uphill at what we thought might be a rock slide or avalanche site

I hope that I have conveyed an idea of what you will encounter should you choose to hike Lily Mountain. Note that this hike is not in the National Park, but just outside, so dogs are welcome (they are not allowed on any trails in the NP). It is a quick ride from town, but still not as popular as many of the NP hikes. We saw a handful of people coming down as we went up, and encountered another handful up top and on the way down. It was a lovely and peaceful outing, discounting the huffing and puffing, of course. 😀

If you’d like to read more about the special places “Around Estes” that are NOT in Rocky Mountain National Park, go here.

Join us again soon as we explore Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the surrounding areas!

9 thoughts on “Around Estes: Lily Mountain

    • Yes, Lynn, you are right! That one hike packed in a lot! I love your pix of Alaska on FB, but I’m going to check your blog for more good stuff this afternoon! ❤


  1. Dearhearts,
    Do you sometimes forget you live with other people in this world? Such a vast display of nature and “wilderness” and you almost have it all to yourselves! Glad you met some fellow hikers along the climb. Thank you for SOOO many great views!
    Hope those pollen waves don’t give you the famous Goebeler sneezes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ginna, I am so glad you found the blog! I should have mentioned that I go out of my way to photograph this incredible beauty without people, whenever possible! The Lily Mountain hike was much less traveled than most…anything in Rocky Mountain National park will be crowded, so you have to be patient to get a shot without all the throngs! 🙂


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