WRN publishes ‘Always Ride the Curvy Roads’!

We interrupt this Anniversary trip series with a big announcement!

As many of you know, I am a frustrated motorcycle journalist still trapped in a full-time corporate job. I have been blogging just over a year now and have also started submitting my work to both online and print publications. Back in April, I was excited to announce that a motorcycling boot review article I wrote was published by Women Riders Now (WRN), a go-to source for motorcycling news and product reviews for female riders, and the men who ride with them.

I am SO thrilled to announce that they have published another one of my articles! Reader stories cover all sorts of riding topics, from first bikes, to motorcycle travel, to descriptions of our passion for motorcycling. My story fit this latter category perfectly!

I originally wrote this story almost a year ago (and just a month into my blogging), to clarify my blog name, and try to convey what makes riding so special to me. I think I had one follower then (thank you Lynn!), so I am pleased to share the original blog post again here.

So you can find the published article on WRN, at this link: Always Ride the Curvy Roads

Please take a few minutes to go check it out, and look around the WRN site while you are there. It is a great resource for information about riding, and not just for women! WRN was founded by Genevieve Schmitt, a Moto journalist since 1999, and Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee in 2001. Women Riders Now

PS: If you are interested in my TCX Infiniti Boot review, with an update after many months and miles, you can read it here on my blog, or you can see it on WRN as well at this link: TCX Infiniti Boot review

Thanks for reading!

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